Bettina Khano

On a clear day you can dream forever, 2018

Aluminet fabric, diffused light, dimensions 18,5 x 12 x 4 m

287 square meters of Aluminet, a woven materiel made from aluminium used as a shade cloth in agriculture, were sown together and are attached to the bottom of the folding door of a hangar at Whiteman Airport in Los Angeles.

With the door open the fabric hovers in a slight curve above the heads of the visitors. The material reflects the light of the sky, at each moment differently. At some instance the motor slowly closes the hangar door until it touches the ground. The light is now locked out of the space and the observer is standing in a dimly lit tent like structure. This transition of open wide space to intimate enclosure takes place in irregular intervals by the hangar door folding und unfolding.

Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, U.S. (with Andrea Lenardin)