Bettina Khano

Chromakeying, 2019

Blue scaffold net

Chromakeying is a tool in digital media to replace a scene’s background by using a blue or green screen as the initial background and placing the actor in the foreground. For the project Chromakeying, different kinds of everyday clothes are sewn from blue scaffold nets. A coat, a pair of trousers, a pullover, socks, a hat, an undershirt, a jacket.  The blue clothes act as voids, as stand-ins for whatever is. They are vibrant in colour, permeable in structure. They appear as relics of the human body, as voids for our contemporary condition. Not the background, but the actor is questioned. How do we fill this space?

Scaffold nets appear when a building is being transformed. They reflect a condition. Spread throughout the exhibition, these clothes bear the individual, the very personal, as well as the communal, the common destiny. They act as sieves, filtering out the fragility of being.

The scraps from the cuts of the blue nets are scattered around the exhibition space. This residue is witness of the process of production. It underlines its circularity and is a reminder of the processual, of transformation.